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  • HT22 Mini Excavator
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HT22 Mini Excavator

HT22 Mini Excavator

HT22 Mini Excavator Description

HT22 Mini Excavator Instruction

2.2T Mini Excavator High fuel efficiency,super power Saving energy and protecting environment.

HT22 Mini Excavator  Features:  

  1. The big arm adopts inverted structure device, and the connected side pendulum head is chosen casting one-piece moulding, which is better looking and stronger than the welded one.
  2. Full hydraulic pilot operation: both sides of the pilot handle, bulldozing shovel, walking operation, crushing hammer and side pendulum function, when working, after the engine start, first of all to pull down the safety locks before the whole vehicle will have action, which can also effectively protect the driver an effective safety protection function.
  3. Steel track high and low speed: the life of the steel track is longer than the rubber track, and can also be interchanged with the rubber track, the motor selects the high and low speed plunger motor, the motor hidden structure.

HT22 mini Excavator Applications:

Multi-function: In addition to digging, loading and unloading materials, small excavators can also be used for operations under special conditions, such as changing other work tools: install augers for drilling and install grippers for wood grabbing, Installation is used to loosen the ground, install breakers, augers, grippers, rakes, rippers, narrow buckets, grab buckets, flat buckets, trailers, etc., to adapt to other accessories for different construction occasions.

2.2 ton mini hydraulic excavator is with compact design, and with low oil consumption, it is suitable to be used for works, small projects, in garden, farmland, municipal works, vegetable greenhouse and  digging trench. It is with small engine, simple design and easy to maintain.

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